Security Advice

Whilst there are experts available to help you with home security, there are a number of simple things you can do yourself to help avoid security breaches and the stress, inconvenience, and cost associated with them.

1. Look over your property to make sure there are no broken windows or no easy access to your property through conservatories and garages.

2. Ask a qualified locksmith to look at your doors and windows, to make sure all of them have the right locks, that they are in good working order, have been properly fitted and meet your insurance requirement.

3. Thieves often approach houses that look like nobody is at home so install a number of light timers around the house so it appears someone is at home all the time. That way there will be less chance of a break in.

4. Day and night sensor lighting to the front and back door of your home will prevent thieves and help you get into your home at night.

5. Alarms can be very effective but change the code regularly to gain maximum benefit from them

6. Side windows in a house can be smashed to reach keys and gain entry so adding protected glass or maybe even blocking up the window could be beneficial.

7. Home safes are becoming increasingly popular too, so you may want to consider asking a locksmith to see if he can install one.

8. You could also put top and bottom bolts in if you have French doors or ad an anti-crow bar sash jammer to a UPVC or composite door.

9. Checking when your house keys were last replaced is also a key factor to security. Checking things like who may have a copy or if the locks were replaced when you moved in. If you have any worries then seek advice from a certified locksmith who will change the locks considering a patented system if necessary.

10. Checking over your home security on a regular basis can include checks such as changing the alarm codes regularly, not leaving your keys in the or where other may be able t access them and also checking that any outbuildings/garages/sheds/gates are locked securely.

11. Ensure any locks that are used in securing your property are good quality locks.

12. With car theft related burglaries on the increase, make sure you leave your keys out of view, not making them an easy target.

13. Finally, if you do experience any issues regarding home security then we advise you to store our contact details so we can assist you in case of emergency.


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